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CES 2020: Withings launches ScanWatch, World's first hybrid smartwatch to combine Medical grade electrocardiogram and Sleep apnea detection. Today Withings launches ScanWatch, the world's first clinically validated hybrid smartwatch to detect both risk of arrhythmia (AFib) and sleep apnea - all from the wrist!
CES 2020: Withings launches ScanWatch, World's first hybrid smartwatch to combine Medical grade electrocardiogram and Sleep apnea detection
CES 2020: Withings launches ScanWatch, World's first hybrid smartwatch to combine Medical grade electrocardiogram and Sleep apnea detection
Developed by cardiologists and sleep experts, it is Withings' most medically advanced wearable
to date, helping users and their physicians monitor overall health with a smartwatch that
identifies highly prevalent, yet largely underdiagnosed cardiovascular and sleep issues early.

ScanWatch features a larger digital display than previous models as well as improved navigation through a newly created crown dial. It offers an impressive 30-day battery life.

In-depth Cardiovascular Health Monitoring
AFib is the main form of irregular heart rhythm that is often underdiagnosed as it can be
intermittent and easily missed if symptoms are not occurring during infrequent doctors' visit.
ScanWatch can detect if a user has AFib or if their heart rhythm is slow, high or normal thanks
to its ability to take a medical grade electrocardiogram (ECG) on-demand as well as its
proactive heart scanning feature.

Since AFib symptoms are irregular or may not even be known to users, ScanWatch offers a
new early warning detection capability. Through its embedded PPG sensor, the device has the
ability to continuously monitor heart rate, which allows it to alert users to a potential issue even if
they don't feel palpitations. When ScanWatch detects an irregular heartbeat through its heart
rate sensor, it will prompt the user via the watch display to take an ECG reading.

When users do experience symptoms or have been alerted of an abnormal heart rate, they can
easily take an ECG, in just 30 seconds, through three built-in electrodes by simply touching both
sides of the bezel. During the measurement, users can see the live electrocardiogram displayed
on the watch screen or in the accompanying Health Mate app. Once the reading is complete,
the results can be viewed both directly on the watch screen and in the app. A history of all
recordings, their associated classifications and any noted comments or symptoms are stored in
the app. All data collected can easily be shared with a doctor or healthcare professional.

Sleep Apnea Detection
For the first time, ScanWatch is able to detect the presence of night sleep apnea episodes
through an SpO2 sensor that emits and absorbs a light wave passing through blood vessels. All
night long, it measures oxygen saturation levels to identify when levels are inadequate due to
breathing disturbances such as sleep apnea.

In addition, ScanWatch provides sophisticated sleep monitoring and analysis of sleep patterns,
including the length, depth and quality of sleep. Each morning, users can access their Sleep
Score in the Health Mate app that is based on sleep duration, depth regularity and interruptions.
Additionally, like Withings other activity and sleep trackers, ScanWatch has a Smart Wake-up
capability that wakes users with vibration alarms at the most optimal time in their sleep cycle.

Enhanced Display Design and Features
ScanWatch includes a waterproof, 316L stainless steel case and sapphire glass watch face. Its face shows the time as well as a sub-dial that shows the percentage of daily step goals achieved, which are set and managed within the Health Mate app.

The PMOLED display shows important health and sports data such as daily and previous day
steps and sleep score as well as calories, distance and heart rate. Users can scroll through
each screen thanks to a newly designed digital crown on the side of the watch. The digital
crown also allows users to launch an ECG record and SPO2 measurement, start workout
modes and deactivate/set alarms. The watch's display shows smartphone notifications, which
appear along with a discrete vibration.

Like all Withings devices, it connects to the dedicated Health Mate app that provides data and
insights, as well as the ability to schedule activity reminders and set goals. Health Mate
connects with more than 100 third-party apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, or
MyFitnessPal to help people manage their health and wellness from multiple sources.

Activity & Workout Tracking:
ScanWatch, like all of Withings trackers, is a sophisticated activity monitor able to track
parameters such as steps, calories, elevation, workout routes (via connected GPS) and can
automatically recognize more than 30 daily activities such as walking, running, swimming and

In addition, it offers Fitness Level assessments through an indicator called VO2 Max, which
measures the heart and muscles ability to convert oxygen into energy during physical exercise.
This fitness metric will help users to optimize their training, increase performance and achieve
long-term fitness objectives.

Pricing & Availability
ScanWatch will be available in Europe and the United States in Q2 2020 for €249/£229/$249
(38mm), €299/£279/$299 (42mm) at withings.com and Amazon, pending CE and FDA-clearance.

Users will be able to select from a variety of color options and select from swappable soft silicone and leather wristbands.

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