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Amazon debuts Echo Buds wireless earbuds, Echo Dot with clock, Echo Flex plug-in smart speaker, Echo Frames eyeglasses and Echo Glow smart lamp. Today, Amazon introduced an all-new line-up of Echo devices that give you even more ways to add Alexa to your daily life.
Amazon debuts Echo Buds wireless earbuds
Amazon debuts Echo Buds wireless earbuds
Echo Buds wireless earbuds
Designed for wherever your day leads you, Echo Buds are an easy way to access Alexa hands-free while on-the-go. Each earbud has two outer microphones and one inner microphone that work together to reduce ambient noise so Alexa can hear you. All you have to do is ask to hear your favorite playlist, find the nearest coffee shop, or order an Uber. Coming later this year, ask Alexa if Whole Foods Market has what you want and she will tell you if it's in-stock and which department and aisle to find it in.

Echo Buds have two premium, balanced armature drivers in each earbud-the driver design is inspired by in-ear monitors used by professional musicians, to deliver crisp, clear vocals and dynamic bass. This design makes Echo Buds perfect for listening to your favorite music, Audible book, podcast, or radio station. Plus, with Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology, you can choose to minimize the noise around you. If you're in a crowded coffee shop or working in an open office space, double tap either earbud to turn Active Noise Reduction on. When you are walking down a busy street or at the train station-places where you want to hear the world around you-double tap either earbud again to turn Passthrough Mode on.

Echo Buds come with three different sized ear tips and wing tips for a secure fit you can wear throughout your day. Each earbud is IPX4-rated to withstand splashes, sweat, or light rain. And with one full charge, Echo Buds have up to five hours of music playback or four hours of call time. The included charging case holds up to three additional charges-15 hours of music playback or 12 hours of call time. Echo Buds connect to Alexa through the Alexa app on your mobile device and use your existing device's data plan to access a range of features such as music, navigation, calling, and more. You can also tap and hold your Echo Buds to access your phone's native voice services-Siri or Google Assistant.
Amazon debuts Echo Dot with clock
Amazon debuts Echo Dot with clock
Echo Dot with clock
Echo Dot with clock starts with the best-selling Echo device ever, and adds a simple, bright LED display that makes it the perfect addition to a nightstand or countertop. The LED display automatically adjusts based on the brightness of the room, so you can easily see the time or ask to see the temperature outside, as well as set a morning alarm or pasta timer. Plus, you can tap the top of the device to conveniently snooze an alarm.
Amazon debuts Echo Flex plug-in smart speaker
Amazon debuts Echo Flex plug-in smart speaker
Echo Flex plug-in smart speaker
Echo Flex is the most affordable way to add Alexa to any space in your home. It plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet, making it perfect for those places in your home where cords can be a hassle like the hallway, garage, or bathroom. Simply ask Alexa to control compatible smart home devices, make an announcement, or check the score of a favorite sports team, and responses will come through the small speaker on the device that's been optimized for Alexa's voice. Echo Flex also has a built-in USB port so you can easily charge your phone or add an optional accessory, like a Smart Night Light or Motion Sensor, all while using only one outlet.
Amazon debuts Echo Frames eyeglasses
Amazon debuts Echo Frames eyeglasses
Echo Frames eyeglasses
Echo Frames are prescription-ready glasses that offer hands-free access to Alexa. While wearing the frames, just ask to make phone calls, set a reminder to pick up dry cleaning when you leave work, add call the mechanic to your to-do list, listen to your favorite podcast, or control compatible smart home devices. Echo Frames have a VIP Filter, which allows you to select and hear only the phone notifications that matter most, while filtering out the rest. When an alert comes through, simply swipe on the temple to listen.

Designed to look and feel like regular glasses, Echo Frames have no camera or display and are made from durable and lightweight materials for all-day wear. The frames have four beamforming micro speakers that use Amazon open-ear audio technology to direct sound towards your ears, while minimizing the sound heard by those around you.

After purchasing Echo Frames, visit your preferred eyewear professional to add prescription lenses or adjust the fit of the frames. Check with your vision insurance provider to see if you're eligible for out-of-network reimbursement. In addition to Alexa, you can also use Echo Frames to access Google Assistant; simply long press on the temple.
Amazon debuts Echo Glow smart lamp
Amazon debuts Echo Glow smart lamp
Echo Glow smart lamp
A new Echo companion device with fun and helpful features for customers of all ages, Echo Glow is a multi-color smart lamp that pairs with Alexa. Just ask for a flickering campfire light for playtime, or a sleep timer that gradually dims as bedtime nears. You can also set Echo Glow to softly cascade through all the colors of the rainbow or, coming soon, ask for a dance party with music and a light show.

Pricing & Availability
Echo Buds wireless earbuds will be available for $129.99.

Echo Dot with clock will be available for $59.99.

Echo Flex plug-in smart speaker will be available for $24.99.

Through the invitation period, Echo Frames will be available for a special price of $179.99. It is only compatible with Android phones.

Echo Glow smart lamp will be available for $29.99.

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