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Microsoft's Clarity analytics empowers webmasters to visualize user behavior. Today, Microsoft announcing the beta release of Clarity, an analytics product that empowers webmasters to visualize user behavior at scale to make data driven decisions on what exactly they should change and improve on their sites to optimize conversion, engagement and retention. For this purpose, Clarity supports playback of how users interacted and used their websites. Clarity also has other typical functionalities such as heatmap and scroll map.
Microsoft's Clarity analytics empowers webmasters to visualize user behavior
Microsoft's Clarity analytics empowers webmasters to visualize user behavior
Get insights about how customers use your website. By adding some simple JavaScript to your page, get the ability to replay page views, view sessions and observe interactions.

Why do I need Clarity?
Building a compelling and user-friendly website requires a deeper understanding of user behavior, their pain points and what users are looking for. Traditionally, web developers utilize user research and A/B experimentation to update web experiences. While these have proven to be great techniques - each has its own limitations. Sample users in research studies may not fully represent your target audience. A/B experimentation tell how your metrics are affected by a change but not why. Clarity fills in these gaps by letting you replay your users' session to see how your users really use your site. With session replay, you can see where people get stuck, or where they are highly engaged.

How can Clarity help me improve my site?
Clarity session replay lets you visualize what users see and their interactions with the web page. Being able to replay users' mouse movements, touch gestures and click events allows you to empathize with users and understand their pain points.

In accordance with Microsoft's principles and approach to privacy, Clarity respects users' privacy by using text masking. Text is masked by default in the instrumentation layer and is not uploaded.

Can I use Clarity on my site?
Clarity works on any HTML webpage (desktop or mobile) after adding a small piece of JavaScript to the website. As soon as the script is added, Clarity receives your site's data and you can start using Clarity.

The JavaScript code listens to browser events and instruments layout changes, network requests and user interactions. That data is then uploaded and stored in the Clarity server running on Microsoft Azure.

How do I get started?
Sign up at the Clarity website using your Microsoft Account!

When you create a new project, it will be added to the waitlist. A notification will be sent when your project is approved for onboarding and you can login to Clarity to retrieve the uniquely generated JS code for your project. Once you have added the code to your website, you can use Clarity dashboard to start replaying user sessions and gain insights.

What's next?
Here are some of the exciting new feature the Clarity team is brewing up:
Interesting sessions are automatically bubbled up based on Clarity's AI and machine learning capabilities to help web developers review user sessions with abnormal click or scroll behavior, session length, JavaScript errors and more. Web developers can spend less time and gain more insight into their users focusing on the sessions that Clarity marks as most relevant.

Related sessions are a grouping of similar sessions that are recommended based a single session. This feature allows web developers to quickly understand the scope of a specific user behavior and find other occurrences for the same user as well as other users.

Heatmaps provide a view into user behavior at an aggregate level through click/touch and scroll heatmaps. Click/touch heatmap provides distribution of user interactions across a webpage. Scroll heatmaps provide how far users scroll on your webpage.

Contributing to Clarity
The Clarity team has also open sourced the JavaScript library which instruments pages to help understand user behavior on websites on GitHub. As Clarity is in active development with continuous improvements, you can join the community and contribute.

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