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SAMSUNG debuts U Flex headphones with Bixby integration. Samsung has today announced a new pair of headphones, called U Flex, on its website. Designed to flex with life, the Samsung U Flex headphones deliver a top-notch sound experience with a lightweight, bendable, around-the-neck design. With improved Bluetooth connectivity, convenient smart features and a splash resistant coating, users can enjoy their favorite music wherever, whenever.
SAMSUNG debuts U Flex headphones with Bixby integration
SAMSUNG debuts U Flex headphones with Bixby integration
Bendable by up to 100 degrees, the portable headset will not lose its shape or break, even when carried in a small bag or pocket. Available in Black, Blue and Ivory, the Samsung U Flex Headphones also fit just about any style.

Offering a peerless audio experience, the headphones are engineered with two-way speaker units that consist of 11-millimeter woofers and 8-millimeter tweeters that deliver powerful bass, deep mids and clear highs. Combined, the speakers guarantee crisp, balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

Incorporating Samsung's proprietary Scalable Codec technology, Samsung U Flex headphones continuously analyze ambient interference from Wi-Fi signals to optimize audio performance, thus ensuring a stable Bluetooth connection and seamless music playback.

With the integrated Active Key, Samsung U Flex headphones add convenience to everyday tasks -without having your smartphone in your hand. Users can easily utilize various functions such as the Clock, Timer, Samsung Health, Favorites as well as various voice commands paired to your mobile device, with the simple touch of a button. On Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Active Key prompts advanced voice recognition via Bixby, Samsung's intelligent interface. Bixby service availability may vary by country.

Samsung U Flex Headphones' vibration notification feature ensures that users never miss a call, even in noisy surroundings, while P2i nano coating technology protects the device from splashes. Furthermore, a single charge equates to 10 hours of play time, meaning users can enjoy first-rate audio all day long. Should they want to customize their sound experience even further, users can adjust the equalizer, among other settings, with the Samsung Level app.

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