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Box Drive app for Mac and Windows launched. Today Box introduced Box Drive, a new way to connect your desktop and the cloud into one secure, seamless experience. Box Drive is the only unlimited cloud drive built for the enterprise, giving you infinite access to all of your files in Box, by streaming them directly to your desktop. That way, you have access to ALL of your content - even tens of millions of files - right at your fingertips, without putting the hurt on your hard drive.
Box Drive app for Mac and Windows launched
Box Drive app for Mac and Windows launched
Box Drive is great for business teams and IT teams alike, because it lets everyone work how they want in a way that's familiar, while keeping information secure.

How can Box Drive help your business?
+ It easily gets everyone in the cloud. Box Drive is easy for teams to learn, and simple for them to use, because it's grounded in what they already know: the desktop. Plus, Box Drive supports Mac, Windows, and VDI environments, so everyone gets the same (great) experience!
+ Take advantage of all the powerful security innovations. With Box Drive, you have the same enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities you do with Box, just on the desktop: HIPAA, FINRA, and FedRAMP compliance, Binding Corporate Rules, data retention policies, and more. And because files are no longer stored on users' hard drives by default, lost or stolen devices have a much lower risk of data loss.
+ Save millions replacing your network file shares. Working with files in Box Drive is just like working with files in a network share, offering the same ease and simplicity without all the high costs and hang-ups.

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