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SwitchEasy debuts BLOCKS and Colors for Apple Watch. SwitchEasy, a leading provider of accessories for the mobile lifestyle, today announces BLOCKS and Colors for Apple Watch. BLOCKS is an innovative charger dock which allows people to create a variety of structures including docking stations, presentation stands and more. Colors is a thin and unobtrusive case that maintains all of the Watch's functions and offers easy access to the locking mechanism making it easy to put it on and off.

BLOCKS was designed to become the one and only charger dock for Apple Watch. With its 92 blocks, user can create a unique dock station that stands out from any other existed docks. Additionally, BLOCKS's amazing swipe-proof cradle design prevents your Apple Watch from falling out from careless swipes.

Bumper cases have proven to be an amazingly effective method of protecting iPhones and the Apple Watch requires more protection that most other wearable devices, so it is highly recommended to use a bumper case. BLOCKS is "Bumper friendly" that is able to fit all third-party Apple Watch bumper cases. BLOCKS available in random colors blocks: Red, Orange, Blue, Green and White, priced at $19.99 (MSRP).
Colors was designed with clean lines and are constructed from soft touch TPU to provide the best protection for Apple Watch. Its interchangeable buttons are quick and easy to install and allows customer to personalize their Apple Watch. Colors is available in a range of startling and sensational colors which matches with the original Apple Watch Sports band. Colors available in Black, Blue and White and 2 size (38mm/42mm), priced at $14.99 (MSRP)

All two models will be available via the company's website (www.SwitchEasy.com) as well as through authorized distributors in retail and online locations in July.

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