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Opera Max data savings app for Android launched in India and Bangladesh. Opera Max, the free data-management & data-saving app is finally available in India and Bangladesh from today.  It shrinks videos and photos across most apps on mobile data connections and on Wi-Fi - so that you can get the most out of your data plans. Head over to the Google Play store and download Opera Max right now.
Opera Max data-savings app for Android launched in India and Bangladesh
Opera Max data-savings app for Android launched in India and Bangladesh
Opera Max's timeline displays app usage and data savings on a monthly or daily basis. The timeline shows data-usage statistics and savings by individual app, as well as overall. It is the best way to track non-essential apps that are using valuable data without your permission and block them.

Data management & savings
Opera Max helps you manage your data by providing real-time, daily and monthly data-usage statistics. Monitor your data usage to find out which apps are consuming most of your data and block the high-data-consuming apps. Opera Max extends your data plan by up to 50% by compressing videos, images and media from apps and websites. Less data to download from websites also means faster mobile-browsing speeds for your phone.

Track & save data on Wi-Fi
Some 80% of data usage happens on Wi-Fi. With Opera Max, you can also monitor data usage on Wi-Fi and benefit from Opera Max's data compression on a crowded, public Wi-Fi hotspot. Opera Max data savings can be applied to mobile data and Wi-Fi data independently, with a dedicated "Savings on/off" switch.

Block apps & prevent data leakage
Track what your apps do on mobile & Wi-Fi connections to prevent some of them from using your data without your permission. You can also prevent them from tracking you in the background by reporting to their clouds or stop them from trying to connect to mobile networks to conserve precious battery. You can do all this with the new, upgraded "Blocked apps" section in Opera Max.

Watch more video
Opera Max is the first app of its kind to compress videos, a huge consumer of your mobile & Wi-Fi data. This means you spend less data and time to watch videos on the web. Opera Max can condense a 10 MB video down to 3 MB and significantly reduces instances of video buffering.

Private and secure
Opera Max doesn't optimise any data sent using encrypted connections, so all your private data gets forwarded directly to the desired destination instead of being proxied through the Opera Max savings cloud. Opera Max does not analyse or store your private data like photos, videos or emails, so you can have peace of mind.

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