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WayTools unveils TextBlade collapsible keyboard for iOS. WayTools today announced its TextBlade, with patented MultiTouch Key technology that brings full travel, touch-typing to the iPhone 6.
WayTools unveils TextBlade collapsible keyboard for iOS
WayTools unveils TextBlade collapsible keyboard for iOS
At just 1.5 ounces and 1/3 the size of an iPhone, TextBlade is astonishingly light and small, and fits easily in any pocket. Built with patented, next-gen key switch technology, it provides desktop finger-spacing, and full 2mm travel (even more than a MacBook Pro), in the slimmest full QWERTY device ever made.
Free of any attachments to the tablet, TextBlade is ready in seconds whenever needed for serious typing, yet out of the way and invisible when consuming content. It enables full-screen content production anywhere, while preserving all of the intrinsic advantages of tablets.
TextBlade is brimming with advanced technology, including the World's first physical MultiTouch Keys, ultra low energy Bluetooth Smart, and the first MultiLayer Keys, bringing symbols and editing to home row ... all engineered into the most compact touch-type machine ever produced.
So efficient is the design, even the spacebar is structurally formed from an ultra-slim, specially engineered lithium polymer battery. TextBlade runs for a month, and fast-charges on any USB port in just minutes, without cords of any kind. A network of 4 computers with 100X the processing power of legacy devices drives advanced software intelligence. And precision MagLever mechanisms deliver high-quality key-feel previously known only on desktops.
Pricing & Availability
TextBlade has now entered mass production, and deliveries begin in February. This significant advance in typing technology is available for just $99 at the WayTools Store. It's online at www.waytools.com, and goes on sale today.

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