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AirDroid releases Windows and Mac clients, updates Android app. With AirDroid 3, your multi-screen life is easy like never. You won't miss any important messages while focusing on your work. You could receive/reply SMS on computer, most importantly, you can put your android device under full control by mouse and keyboard, even without your phone with you.
AirDroid releases new Windows and Mac clients, updates Android app
AirDroid releases new Windows and Mac clients, updates Android app
New features in AirDroid 3:
AirMirror allows you to mirror the whole screen of your Android device to computer, and interact with all the apps installed using the computer's mouse and keyboard.
A great use case is WhatsApp. When you receive a WhatsApp message on your phone, the notification will be pushed to your computer in real time.
Click on the notification and AirMirror will get started, mirroring the phone's screen on the computer, allowing you to respond to the WhatsApp message.
AirMirror is still a beta feature which supports only rooted devices with android 4.0 to 5.0 only. AirDroid is working with android device manufacturers and mobile carriers around the world to make AirMirror work on their devices out of box without rooting.
Notification Mirror
Get real-time alert of phone notifications from any apps. You can also silent those apps whose notifications you don’t want to see on desktop.
You don't only get SMS notification on desktop, you could even quickly reply it.
Call alerts
You can get real-time alerts of incoming calls, and either reject them directly or with a canned quick response by SMS, or accept the call and take it on the phone.
File transfer
Transfer files from computer to Android by a simple drag and drop, on local or remote connection. Transfer file folder from computer to Android. Files transferred by remote connection will be available for download for 7 days, and then will be permanently deleted from AirDroid server.
You could also transfer files from Android to computer, or between Android devices.
View contacts and send SMS from contact list.
End to End Encryption (E2EE)
AirDroid 3 comes with end-to-end encryption for all SMS, app notifications, contact data, account credentials and other sensitive data transmitting between AirDroid clients. With E2EE, it's practically impossible for any 3rd party, including the governments, to view the content of your data.

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