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Runtastic releases Sleep Better app for Android and iPhone. Learn more about your nighttime activities with Sleep Better app for Android and iPhone. Sleep Better is Runtastic's first entirely sleep-focused app and another high-quality tool for 24-hour tracking with Runtastic!
Sleep Better for Android and iPhone
Sleep Better for Android and iPhone
Sleep Better is a unique, fun-to-use and FREE app packed with features that will help you fall asleep more easily, achieve higher sleep efficiency and awake at the perfect moment during light sleep cycles - ensuring a smooth transition into the day. Get Sleep Better today and start tracking your sleep tonight!
Sleep Better offers you a simple and engaging way to improve your sleep behaviors. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, want to learn how your daytime activities (such as caffeine and alcohol consumption, workout habits and daily stress levels) influence your sleep efficiency or simply want some new tunes to help you wake up feeling great - Sleep Better you'll awake refreshed & ready to seize the day!
+ Sleep Cycle & Duration Log: To review and optimize sleep quality
+ Smart Alarm & Wake-Up Window: For the perfect start to your day
+ Customizable Snooze & Alarm Sounds: Tailor to your preferences
+ Monitor Daily Habits: Filter for unique combinations of daily variables (i.e. caffeine and alcohol consumption, exercise, stress, etc.) to learn when you're sleeping best
+ Dream Notes & Diary: Uncover personal trends
+ Moon Phase Tracking: Learn how lunar cycles influence your sleep
+ Functions in Airplane Mode
+ Integration with Apple Health

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