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HTC's Zoe app now available for non-HTC phones. HTC today announces the formation of HTC Creative Labs, HTC's internal innovation engine, along with the release of a brand new app called Zoe for non-HTC phones running Android 4.4 and up. Zoe enables you to capture, share and remix the most important, fun, precious and whimsical life moments with the world. If you have a phone from HTC, Samsung and LG (including the Nexus 5) running Android 4.4 or later, you can now download the Zoe app on the Google Play Store.
Zoe is a simple way to create, share and remix professional quality highlight videos-and it's even better when your friends pitch in. Choose the photos and videos you'd like to share, add a filter to give your highlight video a unique look, and choose the perfect soundtrack. Bring shared moments to life by inviting friends to remix your video, and remix theirs! Remixing lets you to add the best photos and videos from everyone who was there to create the ultimate highlight reel.

How does Zoe work?
Let's say you went to a music festival, like Coachella, with your friends, and you took some great photos and videos. With Zoe and a few simple taps, you can easily create a slick highlight video that has a theme and a mood-setting soundtrack of your choice, then share it with your friends in the Zoe community. Even more importantly, now you and your friends can access each others’ highlight videos, then remix and share them, just as easily as the first time you created a Zoe.

Download Zoe for Android

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