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Confide releases Off-the-Record Messaging app for iPhone. Designed for professionals, the Confide app allows anyone to send private, encrypted, screenshot-proof messages that disappear after they're sent. "Spoken words disappear after they're heard but what you say online remains forever, archived in your permanent, digital history," said Jon Brod, Co-Founder and President of Confide. "Confide is committed to solving this problem while fostering honest, unfiltered and off-the-record conversations, particularly among professionals and businesspeople."
Confide for iPhone
Confide for iPhone
Confide for iPhone works with any email address and employs end-to-end encryption to ensure conversations remain confidential and private. After a message is read, it disappears completely. Messages are revealed within the app by "wanding" over the words with your finger. This provides additional security and prevents screenshots.

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