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Official 500px app lands on Windows Phone. 500px is an online platform for photographers to share their work and be inspired by their peers. Every month, millions of people visit 500px.com to find the world's most inspiring photography and learn techniques to develop their own skill and appreciation of the art.
500px for Windows Phone
500px for Windows Phone
500px is a photo community powered by creative people worldwide that lets you discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photographs.
+ Stay up to date on your friends' activity using our innovative Flow
+ Sign up for 500px using your favorite social network or with your email address
+ Explore the Popular, Editor's Choice, Upcoming and Fresh feeds, as well as other feeds of amazing photography with the swipe of a finger
+ Filter Photos using Categories
+ Use the search capability to find photographs that match a specific search term
+ Tap on a photograph and view it in full-screen mode. Tap again to display stats, comments or votes about this photograph
+ Beautiful Lock Screen photo: Use Settings -> Lock Screen Settings to configure your background and view fresh and inspiring photographs
+ Use Live Tile to customize your tile sizes and bring 500px photographs right to your home screen
+ Interact with the community by commenting on photo, liking them, or adding them to your favorites for later viewing
+ Receive and access notifications when the community members interact with you and your photos

Download 500px for Windows Phone

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