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TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, app debuts for Windows 8.1. The TripAdvisor app for Windows 8.1 makes travel planning easier for millions of people around the world. The free app, available now for download through the Windows Store, has a finger-friendly touch interface and the same set of inspirational travel planning features. These features include access to TripAdvisor's more than 125 million reviews and opinions, high-resolution photos that can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode, and our Hotel Price Comparison tool.
TripAdvisor for Windows 8.1
TripAdvisor for Windows 8.1
TripAdvisor's new Windows 8.1 app also includes a new feature: integration with Bing Smart Search. When you search in Windows 8.1, the new TripAdvisor app will now show up as a result for relevant travel-related searches. TripAdvisor content, such as hotel ratings and reviews from within the app, is presented within results to give people an at-a-glance view of what's available when they open the app itself.

In the U.S., TripAdvisor partnering with Bing to embed TripAdvisor's price comparison tools, traveler reviews and photos within search results on Bing.com. Now, when you search for somewhere to stay on Bing, you'll have instant access to our community's reviews and ratings without needing to leave the page. And, if you have specific dates in mind, you can see which hotels are available and at what price. You can go from thinking about where to go to being ready to book in a matter of seconds.

With just a single tap or click, users will then have instant access to the TripAdvisor app's content and features, including its Hotel Price Comparison search tool. Bing Smart Search helps you connect more quickly with the inspiration and information you want from TripAdvisor.

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