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Rightmove, UK's number one property website for properties for sale and to rent, and HolidayCheck, one of Europe's leading hotel review portals, launches on Windows Phone. Both apps are compatible with Windows Phone 8 OS devices, and you can get them on the Windows Phone Store for free.
Rightmove for Windows Phone
Rightmove for Windows Phone
Search well over a million properties for sale and to rent across the UK with Rightmove's sleek property app, with the latest features to make your home search a lot easier! Search the biggest bank of properties available, Fast access to recently viewed and saved searches, Fast access to recently viewed and saved properties, View photos and floorplans of a property that you're interested in, See stations and schools near a property and Share properties on social media using 'tap to share'.

Download Rigthmove for Windows Phone

HolidayCheck for Windows Phone
HolidayCheck for Windows Phone
HolidayCheck shows all the hotels near you on a map. Thanks to the connection to Europe's largest hotel review platform you have access to millions of reviews for over 250,000 hotels. That way you should always be able to find the right hotel for you. You can review your hotel while on the road or simply make a QuickCheck. You can easily keep an eye on interesting hotels with the favorite function. Simply mark it with a star and you can find it again any time.

Download HolidayCheck for Windows Phone

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