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Opera launches Coast browser for iPad. The new Coast browser for iPad is elegant, intuitive and refined that it should have come with the iPad. It is a free browser made to partner with your iPad. Custom built, beautifully designed and easier to use. Coast by Opera is available in the iTunes App Store, as a free download.

Coast for iPad
Coast for iPad
Coast is a completely designed-for-iPad browser, made to fit iPad tablet users in every respect. Coast is the perfect companion for your iPad, allowing a more relaxing and lean-back browsing experience when you are on the go or just hanging out on the couch.

Old conventions are out with Coast by Opera: there is no URL field at the top of the screen, no back or forward buttons, no tabs and no bookmarks. Yet, it all flows naturally and blends into the use of the iPad.

Time to un-button
The iPad is nearly buttonless; why shouldn't the apps for it be? Elements such as back and forward buttons are gone from Coast. All navigation is done by swiping the way you naturally would on an iPad. A single button takes you to the home screen, and another shows the sites you have recently visited – that’s about it for buttons in Coast.

Download Coast for iPad

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