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BitTorrent Sync, a free, unlimited, and secure way to move big files and big ideas across your devices, and between the people you work with, launched for iOS. In July, BitTorrent launched a Beta version of BitTorrent Sync with Android mobile capabilities. Today, BitTorrent Sync is available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.
BitTorrent Sync for iOS
BitTorrent Sync for iOS

BitTorrent Sync makes moving big files between devices simple. Use it to remotely backup photos from your iPhone to your laptop. Use it to send work projects to your iPad at home. By the way, Sync as much as you want: there are no size caps or secret pricing tiers.

With BitTorrent Sync, your data belongs to you, no matter where you are. This means you should be able to pick up your work on any device, or send your photos across the world, and back. And it also means that your stuff should be secure. Sync skips the cloud to deliver files faster, and safer. Sync doesn't rely servers, which are vulnerable to hacks and prying eyes.

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