» » » 👉 Foursquare launches Nokia Asha 501 app, works without GPS

Social networking service Foursquare launches app for Nokia Asha 501 phones. The Asha 501 phone doesn't have GPS, but it can still work out approximately where you are by using your mobile network connection. That means you'll find all the main features, such as the ability to check in and tell the world where you are.
Foursquare for Nokia Asha 501
Discover the world around you, find out what all your friends are up to, tell the world where you are and what you're doing, and see who's checking in at the locations closest to you. The main 'All activity' page is effectively a central place to explore, highlight where you've checked in, and also shows what your friends are up to. Simply scroll down and tap 'add friends' to search for your mates – once you've added them you'll see their check-ins on the All activity page.

Download Foursquare for Nokia Asha 501

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