» » » 👉 Skype for Windows Phone updated with People Hub integration, HD video calling and many more features

Skype released v2.4 preview for Windows Phone 8 devices which brings features like People Hub integration, Video calling in landscape mode, Camera switching, Switch accounts and Higher quality (HD) video calling, and up to 720p on supported devices and depending on network conditions.
Skype v2.4 preview for Windows Phone 8
Skype v2.4 preview for Windows Phone 8
People Hub integration:-
All of your Skype contacts will be listed in the People Hub (for users with the latest update to Windows Phone 8), making it easy to start conversations on Skype even when you’re not running the app.

Video calling in landscape mode & Camera switching:-
Additionally, Skype has added landscape mode for calls, and the ability to switch between front and back cameras for you to chat in the most comfortable way possible.

Switch accounts:-
Now switch between accounts, Skype has added that in this update – just tap on your profile picture and choose "switch accounts" from the menu.

HD Video:-
Using the hardware acceleration capability of Windows Phone 8, this is Skype's first smartphone app to enable free face-to-face video calls in crisp, clear and beautifully lifelike HD. Skype has significantly improved video calling quality for all users, offering VGA video on lower end handsets and 720P HD on higher-end devices including the Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung Ativ S. And the app even intelligently determines the best quality available based on the speed of your connection.

What's new in Skype v2.4 preview for Windows Phone 8:-
+ Higher quality video calling, and up to 720P on supported devices and depending on network conditions
+ Video calling in landscape mode
+ Camera switching
+ Enabled People Hub integration
+ Switch accounts

Download Skype v2.4 preview for Windows Phone

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