» » » 👉 Rhapsody for Windows Phone updated with Offline Playback support

Rhapsody updated its Windows Phone app with new features like Offline Playback, better functionality to genres, so you can explore those in depth with stations, new releases and top tracks. Plus there are some behind the scenes improvements you may notice with search, enhanced visual display of Rhapsody radio stations and more album images.
Rhapsody v3.0 for Windows Phone
Rhapsody v3.0 for Windows Phone

What's new in Rhapsody v3.0 for Windows Phone:-
Offline Playback
Taking your music with you got a whole lot easier.  Now you can download albums, songs and playlists to your phone and listen even when you don't have a connection.
Music Library
With the revamped music library (My Music) you can easily add or remove tracks and albums, and even add music while it's playing. You'll find the same collection of music in your library whether you are accessing on the web, on a home audio device or your Windows phone.

Download Rhapsody v3.0 for Windows Phone

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