» » » » » » 👉 Bump for Android and iPhone updated, now works with computers too

Bump for Android and iPhone updated to work with computers, this means that starting today, everything you can bump between phones now also works both to and from any computer in the world.  Photos, videos, contacts, files...everything.
There's no setup at all - just go to http://bu.mp on your computer, open Bump app on your phone, and bump the spacebar key!  Bump is now your unlimited USB flash drive that is always with you!

What's new in Bump for Android and iPhone update:-
+ Save your photos and videos from your phone to your computer hard drive
+ Back up all your contacts on your computer and reload them on a new device
+ Pick up a presentation from your desk computer and bump it to the conference room computer

Download Bump for Android

Download Bump for iPhone

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