» » » 👉 Zite for iPad and iPhone updated to v2.0 with Facebook integration and more features

Zite, free personalized magazine/news reader app for iPad and iPhone updated to v2.0. The new update brings Facebook integration, The Explore Page and Topic Tags on articles etc. features.
Zite for iPhone and iPad
What's New?
Facebook integration – now you can link Zite to your Facebook account to get topic suggestions based on your Facebook history.

The Explore Page – when you need inspiration check out the topics featured on Zite’s new explore page. Or, use the search function to dive into our catalog of over 40,000 topics.

Topic Tags on articles – many articles have suggested categories, which will help you to explore something that’s hot in the news, remind yourself of a topic you love, or introduce you to a new interest.

Thumb articles up or down from a section –pull an article up to give it a thumbs-up or down to give it a thumbs-down.

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