» » » 👉 Nokia Xpress for Lumia app released for Lumia series of Windows Phone devices

Nokia has announced Xpress for Lumia app for it's Lumia series of Windows Phone devices, that offers a new way to save data, time and money while you find and enjoy interesting web content. By rendering web pages in the cloud and minimizing cellular data use, Nokia Xpress allows you to get the most from your data plan.

Nokia Xpress for Lumia
Nokia Xpress for Lumia leverages the power of the cloud to optimize internet browsing while you discover and enjoy the latest the web has to offer.
Nokia Xpress for Lumia Windows Phone Features:-
  • Data Usage Monitoring
  • Saved Pages -
  • Save to SkyDrive - Save it to SkyDrive with just a click without having to use any of your precious data plan. The video will be waiting for you on SkyDrive where you can download it later when you’re on Wi-Fi, at your PC or on a preferred data connection.
  • Magazine - Magazine feature automatically asks you if you want to add sites with feeds to your collection as you visit them.
  • QuickLinks

Download Nokia Xpress for Lumia Windows Phone

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