» » » 👉 Twitter for BlackBerry updated to v3.0 with BBM integration

Twitter for BlackBerry mobile phones updated to v3.0 with BlackBerry Messenger integration. Now you can connect your Twitter account with BlackBerry Messenger. This makes it possible to share your latest Tweet as your BBM Personal Message. You can also access your contact' Twitter accounts right from their BBM profiles.

Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0 makes it easier to share links to web pages directly from the browser. When you tweet a link it will automatically be shortened so it takes up fewer characters.

You can upload photos to Twitter (pic.twitter.com) right from your BlackBerry camera or when writing your Tweets.

Twitter v3.0 is for BlackBerry device software 5.0 or later. Twitter v2.0 is available for BlackBerry device software 4.6 or later. Twitter v1.1 is available for BlackBerry device software 4.5.

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