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Today Wikitude unveiled the Wikitude World Browser for Windows Phone, making it available for Nokia Lumia and other Windows Phone smartphones via Microsoft Marketplace.

Windows Phone is now the latest addition to Wikitude’s existing platform portfolio including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian. Using the Windows Phone Metro UI, Wikitude has been customized to enable the panorama user interface, which differentiates the experience on this platform. Beside this special navigation flow, Wikitude provides what you would expect, which is of course the ability to explore your surroundings in Augmented Reality (AR).

“Windows Phone is clearly on the rise as a platform for the years to come, which is why we feel confident about growing our user base through the Nokia and Windows Phone ecosystem” says Andy Gstoll, CMO Wikitude.

The WP version also provides category containers such as Pubs, Accommodations, Cafes, Attractions and Restaurants on the homescreen, offers a search functionality and in addition to the AR view the ability to see Places in map or list view.

Wikitude World Browser for Windows Phone features more than 2,500 AR content experiences called content ‘Worlds’. These aggregated content datasets add up to more than 150 million points of interest such as sights, restaurants, mobile coupons, cafes and WiFi hotspots around the globe. There is no need to be overwhelmed by this high quantity of content as Wikitude allows you to customize your home screen according to your lifestyle and preferences, so you can find the things you are interested in quickly.

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