» » 👉 facinate v1.1 for Symbian - free fascinating Facebook app

facinate is a facebook client for Nokia Symbian phones. You can update your status, upload photos, create albums, browse newsfeed, search, comment, like, checkin, events and whatnot.

facinate has a really unique user experience as pages are not only scrollable vertically but also horizontally swipable. It’s so sweet, fast and useful that you’d wish all apps had such navigation in. 
    CHAT. srsly? y, 24 / 7. omg, so kewl. c u there. 

    Home screen – and a really good looking one! 

    Notifications on your home screen! Important stuff, like your friend’s birthday or notifications should get extra visibility. With facinate you’ll never miss out on anything even if you don’t have the app running in the background!

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